Impress Beadliner


An inexpensive, easy to use, yet remarkably effective tool for lining your beads with silver! Solid steel and cast iron construction ensures a lifetime of service.

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The Impress has a small centering peg which holds your tubing on center while it is being flared. Each size of tubing ID needs a centering peg to fit it. The pegs screw into the bottom post and are easily interchanged. The Impress comes with a peg that fits the most popular tubing size used for beads that fit the European charm bracelets. You can order other sizes as well separately, and can also choose any size peg to come preinstalled on your tool for free by clicking the drop-down list immediately below.

Impress tools are often made to order, and will at times have a lead time of up to 2 weeks. Please feel free to click the contact link on the left and ask about current lead times. You may be pleasantly surprised to find your tool will ship next business day!

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 6 in
Choose a free centering peg size

4.37 mm ID(.172 inch ID) Default size, Fits Pandora, 5.5 mm ID (.216 inch id), 5.1 mm ID (.201 inch ID), 5.0 mm ID (.197 inch ID), 4.6 mm ID (.181 inch ID), 4.2 mm ID (.165 inch ID), 4.1 mm ID (.162 inch ID), 4.0 mm ID (.156 inch ID), 3.8 mm ID (.150 inch ID)