Using Dave`s Debur Tool

Using Dave’s Debur Tool

There is more to this tool than meets the eye, and almost everyone who tries to get by without it comes back to art in the round very soon to buy it. If you have it congrats. If not, go get it. OK, sales pitch over.

To use the tool, simply insert the cutter into the end of the tube, press gently, and turn a few times. You’ll see a thin sliver of metal curl out, and a shiny beveled edge is formed on the inside. DO NOT cut more than about half way to the outer edge. Less is better. Get it too thin and your tubing might split, and even if it doesn’t, it will have a sharp edge. Unlike filing or sanding which leave a square edge, the tool makes this 60-degree angle on the inside edge. This edge will be the outer top edge of your rivet after coring. During flaring it is smoothed out some, leaving a gently curving slope down to the bead. Without this treatment, you would see a square-edged rivet that looks, in my opinion, more like hardware than finished jewelry!