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Instructional Videos

Take a look at these youtube instructional videos done by some of my customers. See how easy it is to line beads using the Impress!

In this and other videos, you may see a "wobble" in the Impress cone as it turns upward and downward. That is normal. The Impress has a ball bearing swivel inside the cone that allows it to align perfectly when it contacts the tubing. You'll see it self-align when it makes contact. Thanks Francesca!

In this video, the author is using a plastic-jawed caliper, and a felt tip pen to measure and mark her tubing. I recommend use of a digital steel-jawed caliper, so you can accurately and simply mark your tubing length by scribing a mark with the tip of the caliper jaw. See the instructional article "Lining Beads With the Impress" for more tips on measuring and cutting.
Thanks Heather!

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