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Headpin Holder
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Headpin Holder

Headpin Holder

All-stainless steel clip, copper coated steel lever arm, steel shaft and collar, ergonomic wood handle. Weight is under one ounce. Easy to hold and manipulate.

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Digital Caliper

Metric and decimal modes. 6-inch steel jaws.

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Miracle Mandrel Holder
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#10 Miracle Mandrel Holder

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Miracle Mandrel Holder

Holds 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 and custom sizes (ask me.)
Cap and collet system tightens and loosens easily from the rear by hand, without need of tools. Then, this little miracle ejects your bead and mandrel into the kiln, again, from the rear, with a simple push of a button! You'll never need to touch a hot part. Comfortable 5/32 inch (4 mm) diameter handle spins easily in your hand. Cut your old 1/16 and 3/32 mandrels into 2 inch or so lengths or whatever length you prefer and you'll instantly quadruple your mandrel supply.
This tool is made to order, and will sometimes have a lead time of 2 weeks. Feel free to click the contact link to inquire as to Whether any are in stock for fast shipping, or will have a lead time.
BIG DIPPER Mandrel DipperBIG DIPPER Mandrel Dipper
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#102-1 BIG DIPPER Mandrel Dipper


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For 3/32 (3.2 mm) Mandrels

Pro model BIG DIPPER mandrel holder dips 20 mandrels at once! Locking disc locks and unlocks mandrels all at once with a simple twist. Super easy to load and unload. Top disc guides mandrels into their holes. Mandrels are totally loose in the unlocked position so they are easily removed one-handed, but still stand straight up and won't touch each other. Heavy 6 Oz. hard rubber base won't tip over and won't mar desk.

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